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Cupping Cups

Cupping Cups

The silicone massage cupping set set is available as a set of 2 or 4, and they are used for facial massage, cellulite removal and aesthetic purposes. Vacuum cupping set comes in sets of 6 and 12, consists of vacuum Hijama cups and negative pressure pump, can be effective in massage, stress, postpartum cracks and wounds on the body.

The needle cupping set is known as a cupping pen. There are 100 and 50 needle types. It is also used in leech sticking and acupuncture. They are used on the face, hands, wrists, children, small areas. 3-needle and single-needle cupping pens allow for non-marking cupping cups, 3-pins are applied on the back, and single-needles are used on the face. 50-100 cupping pen needles are also included with the pens. The pen is metal, it has gold and metal color options.

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